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          The Advocate

          Club Profile: SAGA
          Club Profile: SAGA
          Rachel Templeton '21, Writer • May 18, 2020

          The Albuquerque Academy community prides itself on being a diverse and inclusive community, but most Academy community members don’t know that...

          A New Coronavirus Mutation: Fact or Fiction?
          A New Coronavirus Mutation: Fact or Fiction?
          Audrey Brunner '22, Writer • May 15, 2020

          Amongst the many challenges managing the COVID 19 pandemic, none may be more difficult in the long run than monitoring the evolution of the virus...

          Graphic by Leedy Corbin
          COVID-19 and Our New Normal
          Uzair Hammad '24, writer • May 8, 2020

          Governors across the country are grappling with how and when to open up their states. How do we relax the stay-at-home orders that have kept...

          Universal Healthcare: Yea or Nay?
          Universal Healthcare: Yea or Nay?
          May 8, 2020

          This Crossfire represents the reboot of The Advocate's popular print feature presenting opposing view points on important issues. In this moment,...

          Top Music: April 2020
          Top Music: April 2020
          Arinjoy Das '22 (AJ), Arts and Leisure Editor • May 6, 2020

          Dark Lane Demo Tapes by Drake: Out of the blue, Drake announced on social media that he was releasing a new mixtape by the name of Dark Lane...

          Cover Image from the New York Times
          Popcast: Expanding Your Musical Horizons Since 2014
          Audrey Brunner '22, Writer • May 1, 2020

          In a world of online content, Popcast reigns supreme. When listening to Popcast, a podcast by the New York Times, you can listen to some of the...

          Caught: A Podcast Review
          Caught: A Podcast Review
          Marwa Chohan '21, Co-Editor in Chief • May 1, 2020

          You are sixteen. The handcuffs feel tight on your wrists, and an officer drags you by the arm into the courtroom. As you settle into your seat,...

          Graphic by Anila Marks
          A Review of 'Little Women'
          Analise Granados '21, Writer • May 15, 2020

          Greta Gerwig’s 2019 Little Women perfectly reflects the 19th century book by Louisa May Alcott, yet still brings a modern sensibility with...

          Art by Kirby Meyers
          The Return of the Yoyo
          Elizabeth Hiller '25, Writer • May 13, 2020

          Yoyos are back! At some point most people have owned a yoyo. They are one of the most common toys around. Did you know that something like a...

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          Pacific Paradise: AA connected Chinese restaurant
          Lynn Zhang '23, Writer • May 8, 2020

          Pacific Paradise, a Chinese restaurant established a little over a decade ago, reopened on May 1 after closing in late March. Run by the...

          Events in the Academy Community(prom, graduation, senior week)
          Events in the Academy Community(prom, graduation, senior week)
          Lynn Zhang '23, Writer • April 27, 2020

          The Academy has made the decision to postpone Prom, Graduation, and senior week, and either cancel or move all other events online. Prom, graduation,...

          Photo by Chris Peknik
          Remember When?
          Elliette Varley '25 • April 8, 2020

          Way back when life seemed normal, 7th graders participated in what would turn out to be their last Experiential Education trip of the year. While...

          Yummie food for Lonely Times
          Yummie food for Lonely Times
          Lynn Zhang '23, Writer • March 26, 2020

          Are you bored yet? The answer is probably yes and Lo mein, a well-known Chinese dish, might just be the answer to your boredom. Most people have...

          Deana Chefchis,
          Cursed Academy
          Darin Eberhardt, '25 • December 15, 2019

          The Academy campus is quite big, and most students feel that they know all about it, but @cursed_academy goes above and beyond with its exploration...

          Flight of the Mind
          Flight of the Mind
          Toby Pendergrass, '25 • December 12, 2019

          In the Albuquerque Academy production of “Flight of the Mind”, director Laurie Thomas guided us on an exhilarating airborne journey through...

          Photo by Maysarah Javed ’25
          New Spanish Teacher at AA: Sarah Schulman
          Callia Ward '25 • December 4, 2019

                    Bienvenidas to Sarah Schulman, a new member of the 6-7 Albuquerque Academy community! She is a 7th grade Spanish teacher in the...

          Graphic by Deana Chefchis
          Ask Miss Rona!
          May 1, 2020

            Flirting at Zoom University Question: Dear Miss Rona, Thank you for starting this advice column. I am in desperate need of some love...

          Seeking Solace: Saying Goodbye to Winter
          Seeking Solace: Saying Goodbye to Winter
          Julia Ross '21 and Sofia Taylor '21 April 14, 2020

          A Jack of Some Trades By Julia Ross During the time between my zoom classes and studying, I have been picking up and dropping new hobbies...

          The Student News Site of Albuquerque Academy
          The Student News Site of Albuquerque Academy

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